Thousands of years ago God scattered sinful humanity at the tower of Babel, confounding their language so that people could not cooperate for sinful, self-serving purposes.  Today, because of Jesus’ sacrificial death, God is setting apart a people to Himself who will gather others from around the world to worship the Lord God and serve Him forever.  Through His Word and the testimony of the Holy Spirit within us, God has given us a clear vision of His love for the world.  He invites us to join Him on mission to reach the unreached and seek the lost even to the ends of the earth.  God deserves nothing less than the praise and adoration of every nation, every tribe, every people and language.  (Revelation 7:9-10)

LBC partners with our Southern Baptist Convention (www.sbc.net) through the International Mission Board (www.imb.org) to proclaim the name of Jesus and reach people in our world with the gospel.

In 2009, the Lord directed our steps to serve with IMB missionaries through the Southern Cross Project ( www.southerncrossproject.org )  in Thailand.  This is a mass seed-sowing work that targets mainland Chinese who travel outside of China.  Teams going to Thailand are involved in distribution of gospel tracts, gospel DVD’s and Bibles in the Chinese heart language of Mandarin.  LBC has sent volunteer teams to Thailand every year since 2009 to give away God’s Word to people who have often never seen a Bible and certainly never owned one.  Over the years, our teams have distributed literally thousands (4,972 in 2012 alone!) of Bibles with LBC contributing to the cost of printing Bibles to replenish part of what we distribute.

Thailand mission trips consist of not only distributing Bibles to the Chinese, but evangelism and ministry are also done among the local Thai people in the slums, jail, children’s homes and orphanages.

LBC currently works with Light for Asia (www.lightforasia.com)missionaries (The York family) in Bible distribution to the Thai and Chinese people (visiting and living in Thailand.)  Light for Asia partners with Pastor Sanay in outreach to the slum areas in the city of Pattaya where Thailand mission teams have the opportunity to share testimonies, Bible stories, and Christian songs with the poorest of people.

In addition to sending mission teams to Pattaya, Thailand, LBC in March of 2015 Commissioned our first Missionary to Pattaya, Thailand Janet Chaney.  Janet will use the tools of evangelism and discipleship to reach the Thai people with the Gospel of Christ. DSC_5897 - Copy (530x800)

LBC also provides support for the Cook family, serving in Germany.  Read more about the Cook family in the link provided here: (BMFP)

The annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is promoted and supported every year by our giving and prayers for those serving in the mission field overseas.